Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bubby's Christmas!

William hamming it up,and JJ and Jada,too!

There is nothing more magical about Christmas then seeing it through the eyes of A little one!William(Bubby) loves everything about Christmas!These bottom 4 were all taken The Thursday night before Christmas when we were baking cookies and making candy!As you can see we had a lot of help!The top 2 were taken on Christmas day.We wanted to rent him out as A bell ringer and even taught him how to say HoHoHo!He is A riot!When I gave him his gifts he ripped right into them like A pro.We got him A little toddlers T-ball set!We will have fun teaching him how to bat!He is ambidextrious like his Uncle Brandon but,prefers his left hand mostly!We had 21 for christmas dinner,so we were busy and crowded!I hope everyone had lots of food,family and friends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wonderful get together with friends!

My finished Christmas shadow box ."Don't Eat The Yellow Snow".Below you can see the haul I made,Everyone is so sweet and we all usually bring things to share,but other then some laser printed Christmas tags I was too,busy to put something together this time!Amongst this haul.Deb shared ribbons,chipboard tags and images,Step made a sweet calendar,an adorable glass sun catcher and some little clippies and charms. Miss Vic shared some crafty secret stickers and booklets with us all and added some (Christmas/Birthday gifts)Pearlescent chalks(love them already) and some Powder puff inks,super cool! Plus we each chose a couple of Glimmer Mist colors to use!Sunflower is my favorite and I chose Creme De Chocolat,too. Glimmer mist are fantastic everyone should own some!

We had a wonderful fun day at Vic's She had shadow boxes laid out for everyone and a gift.Here is some pics of us all working and making a mess!First Deb who is so busy working and Step who is trying not to smile!Then Jessica in the back ground working and Miss Vic trying to ignore the picture taker(ME)!It was A perfect time and one of the best Christmas presents to spend A day with these Fantastic 4!(Hey is that a comic book?)Merry Christmas All!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mar's free collage page challenge for Christmas!

This is from a Christmas Collage page donated by Mar.We had a challenge to use the images for a post card swap!This is mine.I didn't think I would have enough time,but begged off working a private party for a 13 year old girl!I had to bake a cake and get out the rest of my Christmas cards,get a watercolor Birthday card finished and the take the tree downstairs,and get Jada's gift wrapped ,before the Birthday Party we are having for Jada,Sam and his Fiance Andrea tomorrow!I did get everything done and feel such a relief. Now I just need to get Tracey's curtains sewn Monday and Tue. and finish up a scrabble necklace with Mom,for a great Niece for Christmas!Is that no rest for the weary or wicked!LOL! I feel a little of both right now anyway!Well Happy Holidays ,Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka to everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Journal pages!

My first journal page for Danny!Poor guy gets my trial art work!Well I must say I will be experimenting with this more as I have a lot more pages to do!These are backwards,the back side is the clown collage and the front is my Zetti zombie drawing!I was afraid the pencil would smear,so I did a laser printout and chalked color on it!I will downsize any more drawings so I have more room for journaling and adding paper edges!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Postcard freebie challenges

The first two poscards were done for a freebie collage sheet challenge,and the tea time one is from a collage sheet that I shared.There is so much I need to catch up on and finish now that December is here!I am working on My first Journal page trade!This could be interesting!LOL!My handwriting sucks!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Back And Feeling Better!

Well I finally got my Crow journal pages done and sent out!It is my first journal page swap!Trying to figure out what I wanted my Crows to be doing then draw them all was time consuming!Thank Goodness for the Nights at Karaoke when I have nothing else to do!I had these mostly done before I got so darn sick! I coughed so hard my lungs were bruised!Awful!
I must say I am Thankful for A wonderful husband who cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 26 people,when we only expected 16!LOL! our darling Kadi invited a friend and A co-worker,who came with A husband and 2 boys!Bless our children for knowing our family policy that nobody should go without good food and friends especially on A Holiday!We also didn't expect Kori and her family!They also had a spare!Brandon actually didn't have his 3 spare boys this time!Tracey had to Work ,but all the rest of the family was here!I am also Thankful that I started feeling a little better Wed. night and got some cleaning done and was able to help some on Thursday! We also celebrated Cody's Birthday as he dj-ed A wedding his Birthday night the 29th!We had William overnight while they worked!We so love that little ham!He makes us laugh so hard!