Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newest Journal Prompt page and the back!

 I did the back of the prompt Journal page about Kadi our youngest daughter,she used to walk outside and hold her finger up,for the Butterflies to land on!To our surprise she would walk in the house and show us all a Butterfly perched there ,then walk back outside where it would fly away!The Butterflies loved her! The Journal Prompt page was to add 3 words that described us,ok so tenacious was just too,long to write in this circle!lol!Hope you like my new style!This one was all hand drawn with no images.The Butterfly page I combined found images and my own drawing!Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer's almost gone!

Wow summer is almost gone!I haven't got as much done as I wanted to.Sometimes a little time off is a good thing,maybe my creativity will return
What did they do to our blog? I find it difficult to use it ,I hate changes!Anyway this is some line art I did when I couldn't sleep,it was just a fun Original drawing.Now i have to decide how to add color?I May try watercolor,acrylics or copic,maybe try a few different mediums.thanks for looking and comments are welcome!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Spring!

                                                     I am sorry ,It has been awhile since I posted!.Yes i am still doing some Zetti pages,but want to finish my album,before I start posting,just have three sides left!

I saw this gray work on U-tube and wanted to try it!It is something easy to carry with you ,to work on when you have those Doc.Appt.ect!These were fun,you start with a few swirls and find a saying,poem or what you want to write,use a pencil,then go over it with a light shade of warm gray,using a darker warm gray to shade and some black!It looks really cool afterwards!try it!

Spring has been really busy as we had to sheet rock,mud and tape an old upstairs room,now all we need to do is sand and paint it!Saving that for a rainy day. We still need to finish putting in the Garden as we have had too,many rainy days here!days!lol!We also Welcome A New Great Granddaughter,Miley Jane,she is in Texas,so we haven't had any contact yet!We are hoping her Mother  will come back here so our grandson can see his daughter!Everything is in limbo right now,and we don't know if she will take off again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Background By Itkupilli

                                                             Well as you can see I put a new Background and header on my Blog,It had been awhile so i had to figure out how to do it all over again,Lol!
Something has changed here and I am trying to work around it!We were supposed to do A Prompt Journal page or spread this Month on What we Believe.I decided to use it for a drawn version of Me when I was 17 also.Sometimes i like to try something different and this was it!I am thinking about adding my family  and writing something kind about each one,some of their strength's.This is for my self and not for the prompt.The Zetti page is the one I will submit for the Prompt Journal page,Zetti is always fun and relaxing to do!Just get a page or cardboard,put fun ,bright papers around it and start putting different body parts or images together,or make your own!It is not hard at all!Oh and add doodles if you wish!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Grandma!

 Yes I am A Great Grandma for the first time at the ripe old age of 56!Our newest addition to this big family is Kayden Mykal Appleby!He is our Miracle Baby.His umbilical cord fell off during Birth,He may not have made another few days. It was A good thing he was born the day he was.Jan.22,2011.he weighed 6.6 so he was still a nice size!He is A very good Baby,I just wish he would drink a little more formula at one feeding,I am sure he will be doing that soon!Ok so not every Baby drinks 6oz at their first feeding like his Grandma(my daughter Tracey)did!The nurses all said she was a Piggy!
 Well since he was born I have been working on A Winnie The Pooh baby panel Quilt!Trying to finish it up for his crib,then will work on a real hand made Quilt for Him.The panel took a lot of Quilting,but I am almost done!Well I need to get back to some Art soon anyway,I am having withdrawel Pains!lol!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Journal page prompt

We are doing a Journal pages every month from a promt,or theme.These are the front and back of my Journal and A Favorite color prompt for this month!I thought this was a great idea miss Roc came up with. If we get snowed in,I don't have to try to get this mailed as we are doing this in our own Journals!I Love the idea!I have been trying to take the time to make my own Journal anyway!Of course I can't forget the Baby Quilting I have to get done before Our Great Grand son gets here,and our Great Granddaughter later in May!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun!

Never fear Super William is here!

Witchy Miss Jada!

I made these little pockets and filled them with fun things and candy for our Artsy Gals get together.We had a lot of fun with vicki's older sister Jan joining us,I think I got more talking then Art done,but it was great to see everybody again,Deb hasn't been able to come the last couple of get togethers,and we sure do miss Jessica,who is going to college classes.We made these fun spoolies at Vic's house,of course I didn't get them finished,so I played more when I got home!These are easy and fun,something even kids can make!