Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Grandma!

 Yes I am A Great Grandma for the first time at the ripe old age of 56!Our newest addition to this big family is Kayden Mykal Appleby!He is our Miracle Baby.His umbilical cord fell off during Birth,He may not have made another few days. It was A good thing he was born the day he was.Jan.22,2011.he weighed 6.6 so he was still a nice size!He is A very good Baby,I just wish he would drink a little more formula at one feeding,I am sure he will be doing that soon!Ok so not every Baby drinks 6oz at their first feeding like his Grandma(my daughter Tracey)did!The nurses all said she was a Piggy!
 Well since he was born I have been working on A Winnie The Pooh baby panel Quilt!Trying to finish it up for his crib,then will work on a real hand made Quilt for Him.The panel took a lot of Quilting,but I am almost done!Well I need to get back to some Art soon anyway,I am having withdrawel Pains!lol!