Monday, November 23, 2009

Here are 2 of my latest drawings,as you can tell I prefer faces although i am challenging my self with a more landscape type right now!The first one is A Native American these intrige me because of all the detail to try and capture. The second one my other favorite children's faces is my second Daughter Kori as A Baby,I am glad i learned to draw when hopefully I will still have some years to practice and get better!I have been lazy with this blog as I have to come upstairs to scan my art and my computer up here is slow and on it's last leg. I am working on A Journal swap and One of my own so maybe now I will have some more Art to post!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pencil art

The top pic. is
Baby Kadi our youngest daughter back when! A friend Tiffany's baby
Well this is about the only Art I have done for awhile other then a few Jams. Tiffany saw my drawings and handed me a pic of her little girl!I drew this while Ron was in surgery!I finished it up at home later!the Pic of Kadi i did on the way to the VA for his checkup and while we were waiting!I also finished it at home!Sorry about the marks in the lower corner must be something on my scanner!
Us Artsy girls are getting together Thur. at Precious Treasure's cropping room! Amy the owner is really nice! This will be great as it was my turn to have it and I will take some cheese dip and tortilla chips to snack on!Hopefully I will get back some creativity!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ron is doing real well so far considering surgery was about 3 hours longer then they planned,they had to graft some bone to his hip,which is cabled wrapped,he had to have a couple units of blood,also.He tested positive on his nasal swab for MRSA,although it is not active,and because the surgery took so long the consultation was over the phone,so I really didn't get to talk one on one with the doctors,I still haven't,as they come in the morning!It is a 50 mile trip down there and I don't drive in Omaha,so my youngest daughter and I went today,and my parents took me Thurs.Anyway I was freaking over the MRSA and was asking the nurse what they were doing to take care of it ,she didn't know much,but the doc's told Ron it wasn't active so they didn't need to give any harsh antibiotics at this time.Yes it was an ordeal so far ,but as soon as his plumbing starts to work he can come home!He was already joking when we first seen him,but looked so much better today!Thank you for those that kept us in your thoughts and prayers!I really appreciate it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Been awhile!

Last Christmas Mom and I started to work on A scrabble tile necklace for My Great niece Kayla,we finished it and Mom took it to her a while back,this shows the front and back Of Kayla's and the Necklace I made from a scrabble tile swap i did on an atc's site I belonged to. I still have three left and plan on doing a blue,green theme with them. These are fun because you can add trinkets of all kind to them as you go!
Well we are less the 2 days away from Ron's surgery,so if it takes me awhile to find time to blog don't be surprised!It all depends on how badly I need to get some time away from him and how crabby he gets!lol!He was feeling good today even though he can't take any painkillers or tylenol until aftewards now.Don't worry my whip is always close!lol!If you feel inclined to say A prayer for him I would be grateful! our 2 youngest Kadi and Cody are taking off from work for the surgery ,so now Mom and Dad won't have to spend all that time setting around with me!I will be glad of the company!Thanks for checking in on my blog!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Aftermath!

Howdy From Dry Gulch Colorado,As you can see Mom And I might have to make that our new address for awhile! I was holding that Rock up fine until Ron insisted he and Dad could do it better! I refrained from taking pictures of that disaster,Ok so maybe Mom and i pushed the Rock a little from the other side!Dad fared better,but that didn't keep Mom from nailing that coffin shut anyway.Ron as you can see croaked from that falling rock.Mom and I couldn't get our stories straight so that old Sherrif put us in the slammer!They burried Dad and Ron in the new cemetary in Dry Gulch!

Seriously we all came out in one piece and had a good time,Mostly it was me getting out and taking pics,while everyone else stayed in the car in the shade!
I was so suprised to recieve this award from Janney,who is a wonderful mixed media arstist ,I have to pick up 7 Blogs who are special to 7 awards for7 things or facts about myself!1) I am adddicted to Mt. Dew 2) I love to travel and see new things,but I am also a homebody
.3)Ilove to stay up all night when it is Quiet to do my art.4) I like to do so many things sometimes it is hard to choose if I want to paint,sew,read,swim,or just play computer games.
5)I am glad that after 38 years of marriage we are finally alone.All our kids and grandkids live close enough that seeing them is no problem.
!6)My parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and I hope we can make it that long .

7)I want to attend a watercolor class!

I get to pick 7 talented Artist for this award!

Well these are just a few of the artist ,whose work I love,Wish I could pick some more,but you can only pick 7.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry This is are only chance to get a mini vacation in . We have a family re-union the 5th and we might take a couple of days and go out to Colorado and see some sights!Ron can't do a lot of walking so we will mostly take the scenic route and drive!Mom and Dad are going along.Lets just hope we don't all kill each other before we get back!lol! Seriously I wanted a little fun before being house bound with Ron during his recovery!By the time one hip gets recovered it will be time for the other,so it will be a long slow fall and winter!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last journal page Finished!

Well this is the last of my journal Pages!yeah!One gal dropped out,so I am done!Well i took a little time away from my Art,as we had so much going on! We had Bubby again Thursday night and karaokee,Friday night!It was cold out on the patio of the bar we played,it is right on a private Lake!Sat. night we had A wedding!Ron was so kind and let me bow out!Weddings run about 6-8 hours for us!He was Lucky though and got Home and in Bed before Midnight.He got to visit with A lot of his Classmates at the Wedding,so he enjoyed the night!This summer is all booked up for us,so I probably won't get to go back Home this year on the Fourth of July again. It is so hard for Ron to walk anyway and we usually walk up and down the Carnival to see some of our friends and my old classmates!I hope his hips hold out until August!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Artsy Gals

Well it's been awhile! Our broadband has not been working right for about 6 weeks,so hopefully it got fixed today!
This was the Art frames we did at our last art get together at Vicki C's house. Only Stephanie and I made it. It was A fun laid back day and we mostly talked!We lined the three frames up and took pictures,but I just didn't care for the silver frame so I repainted mine white with some green paint and brown ink to add some color after I got home,I also added the pink bow!Vicki had this pic of my Grandmother,Mother,Baby me and my other 2 sisters and brother in my goodies to use and the challenge was to use only from the stash she gave us. Ok so I cheated and used the verse from the goodies Stepanie shared and the bow from Vicki's Valentine goodies she sharedlast time here!Vicki was telling us the deal she got on these pretty pearl stickons,and when we tried to take them off the paper and put them on our art they fell apart!She laughed and said maybe it wasn't a good deal!Anyway we got them on as well as we could!Ok so none of the rooms in my house are pink!lol!Well anyway it was a supper fun day!Thanks Vic!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who stole The cookie from The cookie Jar?

Well isn't it obvious!Yes William stole the cookie,it is written all over that guilty chocolate face!I was taking William in to wash the cookie off his face and told him to look at that messy face,He cracked me up and I just had to get the camera!He was having fun trying to kiss himself in the mirror!Grandpa was gone and we had to get rid of the evidence,since it was Grandpa's cookies!lol!What fun he is,his parents hate when we call him Bubby and don't want us to call him Billy so his new Nick name is Billybub! Every time I called him Billybub he gave me a high five!He does have that Bendig sense of Humor!lol!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stuart's Journal pages

I decided to make a little more manly pages for Stuart,one of 2 men in our Art
group.He is from the UK and has a fantastic sence of Humor!Here they are Stuart!I hope you like them!
Tomorrow is Our Grandsons Sam's Graduation and Sunday Mother's Day so we are making food and trying to get ready,plus my dear Hubby accidently scheduled a wedding for tomorrow night,so he will have to miss the after graduation party,Our Grandson Neil is going to help him so I can go to the party!Thank You Neil!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Journal pages for Tanya Mac

I decided to do a couple of fun Zetti type pages for Tanya.I think she is the one who made the stars and sent me them in our goodie swap bags!If I am not mistaken.I am working on A friend Stuart's journal page ,so I have been busy!I am trying to do some ahead as this summer is so busy and Ron is scheduled to get his hips replaced again in the last part of August.Not fun and he will be laid up for awhile!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Journal pages

I have another set of my Journal pages done,the second one is actually the front page,I did a lot of rub on flowers and other cut out flowers to build it up!The back page was just a fun and funky one!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Pencil Art

Well I finally finished this Indian drawing,I am still working on the mate to this one,but already had the mat boards custom cut and ready to finish it!It's far from perfect,but I love shading these,as it is very relaxing!I am not sure whether I am going to try to sell them or gift them to a family member!I am torn!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

These postcards I made for A Mona Lisa Swap and A -Use at least 3 mediums,U pick it swap !I seem to be having a lot of fun with these lately!Some new stamps and a nice laser Printer sure help! We had to go to Omaha to the VA for Hubby so I asked to go to Michaels,and picked up a few new fun things from the Tim Holtz Collection and some awesome rubons and such from kc and company!It always inspires me when i get some new playtings.LOL!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whimsical atc Chunky pages

These are my 8 Drawn and colored Whimsical girls I made for an atc Chunky book swap!I perfer the 4x4 size for Chunky pages,but I like to try new things once in a while!I like to add a bit of collage with mine to add some texture!

Where does time go?

It seams when i get busy on my Art that time flies by so fast that the next Holiday has come and gone!Easter was A nice time spent with Family and food,but it was nice to get back home again,too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The one I couldn't part with!

I know every Artist has made some art they just couldn't part with!This is one of those rare pieces for me!I just loved the colors and overall way it turned out!When I find another I like as well i will use it for the back page.It was hard to part with life is an Adventure for me,but I had to chose between these 2 and this was my favorite!I wish I had more time just to work on Journal pages as i love doing these!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April's Journal Pages for Eggstudio!

Woohoo!I am so glad I got these done A little Early,now I won't have to stress over getting them done by the 15th of April.I would have been done sooner,but with William here and I decided i couldn't part with another page I made!I wll post it later!Anyway these are for Greer for our Journal Page swap!I hope she likes them,they were fun to do!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another busy week

Stephanie made these booklets for us all out of tags and data sheets,aren't they cool?These are a couple that she worked on.Vic gave us all these cool purses full of glue,scissors ect. and Deb gave us all a bag of cool goodies and shared some of her albums to alter.I didn't finish mine yet!Then Steph made me A giant cupcake Birthday card.I would have shared this earlier but I miss-placed my camera and finally found it!

The begining of this week we had William Sunday night until Tueday night.We enjoy having him here,but are exhausted after he leaves. He has A new Day Care now, since his Old day care lady broke her leg.Ron also had a Doctor's appointment and I had Vic out for a couple of hours Thursday!I worked on Journal pages the rest of the time!After gigs on both Friday and saturday night we just rested today!Yes we are getting old!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Colors of Spring!

These are some of my favorite colors,I think that is why I collect some of this glasswear,is because of the colors!Some of these were my Grandmothers,a couple from a dear friend and cousin,and most are some I picked up antiquing or at an auction!They all remind me of Spring which is finally here,so I hope you enjoyed viewing these wonderful colorful treasure of yesterday!Have A wonderful Spring!