Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pencil art

The top pic. is
Baby Kadi our youngest daughter back when! A friend Tiffany's baby
Well this is about the only Art I have done for awhile other then a few Jams. Tiffany saw my drawings and handed me a pic of her little girl!I drew this while Ron was in surgery!I finished it up at home later!the Pic of Kadi i did on the way to the VA for his checkup and while we were waiting!I also finished it at home!Sorry about the marks in the lower corner must be something on my scanner!
Us Artsy girls are getting together Thur. at Precious Treasure's cropping room! Amy the owner is really nice! This will be great as it was my turn to have it and I will take some cheese dip and tortilla chips to snack on!Hopefully I will get back some creativity!