Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ron is doing real well so far considering surgery was about 3 hours longer then they planned,they had to graft some bone to his hip,which is cabled wrapped,he had to have a couple units of blood,also.He tested positive on his nasal swab for MRSA,although it is not active,and because the surgery took so long the consultation was over the phone,so I really didn't get to talk one on one with the doctors,I still haven't,as they come in the morning!It is a 50 mile trip down there and I don't drive in Omaha,so my youngest daughter and I went today,and my parents took me Thurs.Anyway I was freaking over the MRSA and was asking the nurse what they were doing to take care of it ,she didn't know much,but the doc's told Ron it wasn't active so they didn't need to give any harsh antibiotics at this time.Yes it was an ordeal so far ,but as soon as his plumbing starts to work he can come home!He was already joking when we first seen him,but looked so much better today!Thank you for those that kept us in your thoughts and prayers!I really appreciate it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Been awhile!

Last Christmas Mom and I started to work on A scrabble tile necklace for My Great niece Kayla,we finished it and Mom took it to her a while back,this shows the front and back Of Kayla's and the Necklace I made from a scrabble tile swap i did on an atc's site I belonged to. I still have three left and plan on doing a blue,green theme with them. These are fun because you can add trinkets of all kind to them as you go!
Well we are less the 2 days away from Ron's surgery,so if it takes me awhile to find time to blog don't be surprised!It all depends on how badly I need to get some time away from him and how crabby he gets!lol!He was feeling good today even though he can't take any painkillers or tylenol until aftewards now.Don't worry my whip is always close!lol!If you feel inclined to say A prayer for him I would be grateful! our 2 youngest Kadi and Cody are taking off from work for the surgery ,so now Mom and Dad won't have to spend all that time setting around with me!I will be glad of the company!Thanks for checking in on my blog!