Sunday, November 23, 2008

Down for the count!

No pic's this week unless you want to see me sick!lol!I just was busy finishing up some crow journal pages for a swap and had to beg off working friday and Saturday night because I got sick!Everything halted when I started getting a cold on top of the last one I am not even over yet!The hard to breathe lungs hurt kind , with my asthma it is not fun so I just have to shut down and sleep when I can!Sorry!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom's Birthday fun!

We took Mom and Dad out for a fun day and lunch last Wed. to celebrate My Mom's Birthday (Friday). We had to work Friday night and they were leaving to go to Hawaii along with Lisa and Deb, Sat. morning, so we celebrated a little early!I think it was fun for them to just get out and do something different for a change. However I was the only one that bought anything!I bought some fun things to share with some of my Art friends!I will post my best finds later ,but I found some old report cards from the 30's, red trade cents some old blotters and some other fun paper things!We are trading 6x9 bubble envelopes full of fun stuff every month,to the next person down the list!I think there is about 10 of us!It will be fun to see what others send!
I have been very busy drawing crows for a crow journal swap,and have a whole table full of ripe tomatos to can. We picked them green and wrapped them now they are all rippening or ripe. At least we should have enough canned to see us through until next summer!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh what a fun get together we had at Step and Jessica's house Friday!We altered Slide holders ,of course I didn't quite finish mine as I was busy visiting!It is always great to see the Art Of my College classmate Jessica!Our art Teacher always said she was way to talented to be in our class!She introduced me to her Mother Steph, who is also artistically talented and on two design teams,Inka stamps and one in Hawaii she said. Then of course there is the very talented Vicki Chrisman who is on so many design teams I lost count!LOL!Ok so I am a little predjudiced as she is my cousin and best friend!The we have Deb Whose house is decorated just like it's fresh from a Home design magazine,and she is ever so sweet!Then of course me ,I now have 2 college courses completed in Art,but am awed by these talented friends!.Vic of course shared her glimmer mist with us to decorate,which i love,and Steph all her supplies!
Here is some of the goodies we exchanged!
After Step's we ran my daughter to Omaha to buy this perfect material for her kitchen,She wants to decorate it with a chocolate theme! We also found some rich chocolate satin for curtains in her dining room!The some lucious deep brown wood flooring for her kitchen. She is buying the blue and brown paints today!Of course guess who's in charge of sewing the curtains!Seem like I always bite off more then I can chew!LOL!
These cups I got at goodwill and had to get them for her!Of course she will have to pry them away from me first,esp. the cupcake and cheescake ones!I also thought of you Roc,but they are just so heavy to send!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chunky page Challenge!

We had a Chunky page challenge among some art friends. It is 4x4 and a hanging one. It is my first one ever and had to have a quote or saying about Art! It was actually very fun to make!I depicted Alice in wonderland getting high on shrooms!I got this gorgeous paper yesterday ,it is "Serendipity" I love the bright colors and mushrooms!The background I used paper from A designer pad Pulse Collections from Where Memories Are Created!The head is from Clue Paper by Ek Success!The milk chocolate chip boards are basic grey and altered with a white gelly roll pen!

Tomorrow is the big get together day at Steph's! I can't wait to see everybody again. We just have fun and create whatever strikes our fancy.No pressure to get something done.