Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom's Birthday fun!

We took Mom and Dad out for a fun day and lunch last Wed. to celebrate My Mom's Birthday (Friday). We had to work Friday night and they were leaving to go to Hawaii along with Lisa and Deb, Sat. morning, so we celebrated a little early!I think it was fun for them to just get out and do something different for a change. However I was the only one that bought anything!I bought some fun things to share with some of my Art friends!I will post my best finds later ,but I found some old report cards from the 30's, red trade cents some old blotters and some other fun paper things!We are trading 6x9 bubble envelopes full of fun stuff every month,to the next person down the list!I think there is about 10 of us!It will be fun to see what others send!
I have been very busy drawing crows for a crow journal swap,and have a whole table full of ripe tomatos to can. We picked them green and wrapped them now they are all rippening or ripe. At least we should have enough canned to see us through until next summer!

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jennalee said...

Happy birthday to your mom. I love finding treasures. I love your postcards too. Great job.