Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last journal page Finished!

Well this is the last of my journal Pages!yeah!One gal dropped out,so I am done!Well i took a little time away from my Art,as we had so much going on! We had Bubby again Thursday night and karaokee,Friday night!It was cold out on the patio of the bar we played,it is right on a private Lake!Sat. night we had A wedding!Ron was so kind and let me bow out!Weddings run about 6-8 hours for us!He was Lucky though and got Home and in Bed before Midnight.He got to visit with A lot of his Classmates at the Wedding,so he enjoyed the night!This summer is all booked up for us,so I probably won't get to go back Home this year on the Fourth of July again. It is so hard for Ron to walk anyway and we usually walk up and down the Carnival to see some of our friends and my old classmates!I hope his hips hold out until August!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Artsy Gals

Well it's been awhile! Our broadband has not been working right for about 6 weeks,so hopefully it got fixed today!
This was the Art frames we did at our last art get together at Vicki C's house. Only Stephanie and I made it. It was A fun laid back day and we mostly talked!We lined the three frames up and took pictures,but I just didn't care for the silver frame so I repainted mine white with some green paint and brown ink to add some color after I got home,I also added the pink bow!Vicki had this pic of my Grandmother,Mother,Baby me and my other 2 sisters and brother in my goodies to use and the challenge was to use only from the stash she gave us. Ok so I cheated and used the verse from the goodies Stepanie shared and the bow from Vicki's Valentine goodies she sharedlast time here!Vicki was telling us the deal she got on these pretty pearl stickons,and when we tried to take them off the paper and put them on our art they fell apart!She laughed and said maybe it wasn't a good deal!Anyway we got them on as well as we could!Ok so none of the rooms in my house are pink!lol!Well anyway it was a supper fun day!Thanks Vic!