Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last journal page Finished!

Well this is the last of my journal Pages!yeah!One gal dropped out,so I am done!Well i took a little time away from my Art,as we had so much going on! We had Bubby again Thursday night and karaokee,Friday night!It was cold out on the patio of the bar we played,it is right on a private Lake!Sat. night we had A wedding!Ron was so kind and let me bow out!Weddings run about 6-8 hours for us!He was Lucky though and got Home and in Bed before Midnight.He got to visit with A lot of his Classmates at the Wedding,so he enjoyed the night!This summer is all booked up for us,so I probably won't get to go back Home this year on the Fourth of July again. It is so hard for Ron to walk anyway and we usually walk up and down the Carnival to see some of our friends and my old classmates!I hope his hips hold out until August!


Janny said...

They are gorgeopus!

roc said...

these journal pages are awesome!

Terri Kahrs said...

Love, love, love these pages!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Some very lucky people are getting some very lovely journal pages from you! Oh, they are fantastic!

And, a little glimpse into your non-art life here - still not exactly sure what but I know one of you or both of you entertain! DJ? A band? Stripping? (just kidding) How exciting and what a fun way to work!

Sounds like you have a busy summer. Hope that's a good thing. I love summer. Is it here yet? I am so upside down still from my trip. My kids have 4 more days of school - then I am sure it will feel like summer and I will be saying "I love fall" and "I can't wait for fall"! hee hee