Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun!

Never fear Super William is here!

Witchy Miss Jada!

I made these little pockets and filled them with fun things and candy for our Artsy Gals get together.We had a lot of fun with vicki's older sister Jan joining us,I think I got more talking then Art done,but it was great to see everybody again,Deb hasn't been able to come the last couple of get togethers,and we sure do miss Jessica,who is going to college classes.We made these fun spoolies at Vic's house,of course I didn't get them finished,so I played more when I got home!These are easy and fun,something even kids can make!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Just thought I would post my latest pencils I am working on,This is the early stages and I already have changed a lot on Williams face and lips,and moved his eye over ,It is a constant stand back and critque process,I am almost done with this one now.It is called "The Piggy Back Ride"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Four More Pages of My Journal!


 These are my next four pages.For those that asked it really isn't hard to do Zetti pages or a Journal. I start with An Acrylic or Watercolored page,Use golden's Acrylics and water down ,don't use some of the cheap paints They won't take sharpies !Make some colorful paper strips,you can use left overs,cut some from Magazines,paint some,Mix and match! Use some Black and white checks,stripes or others as they  give great contrast,it is so important to add to your page!
 Etsy has many artist selling collage sheets,some specializing in Zetti,or you can Photoshop and re-color old photos.You can cut faces ect. from Magazines,but make sure you alter them lots!I use my laser printer as there is no printing to show through the back like A magazine,I just scan and print out the pic.The fun of Zetti is putting large head on small bodies,or animal head with human Bodies or opposite.I usually lay out my pieces and decide how I like them before I glue them down!Lettering is the hardest thing for me because my hand writing sucks!lol!I challenge you all to try this if you never have!Post a link here if and when you do,I would love to see your pages!I have learned a lot from some really fantastic Zetti Artist on A private trade sight,and am still learning!Check out some of my favorite links!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Journal pages

 These are the next four pages,there are 16 pages in all!These Zetti pages were just fun,The best thing is you can use up a lot of scrap papers,magazine pictures,collage images or just use your imagination and create your own images!Zetti  is about  putting together different images,lots of colors,and even textures!You can't go wrong creating A journal like this, just have fun and play!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Soul's Art Journal

My Soul's Journey began as a practise book for my eyes only,we were doing a 4x5 zetti Journal round robin and I really needed to practice my lettering and just losen up,try a little more doodles and having fun with the page.This is a 8x10 and gives me so much more room to work with.This is my front page and the 3 first pages. I will add more later!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Playin With Crafty Secrets!

A Few of us got together to create some cards or projects using Crafty Secrets, for Amy's Precious Treasures Shop. I didn't have time to finish this so i brought it home and finished it!This is using all Crafty Secrets Papers and Images!You can find them all At Precious Treasres or On her Website,Or at Crafty Secrets Website!

Just Playing, continued!

Open Book And Individual tags!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jack Of All Trades!

Just to Prove I really am Multi-talented and Artistic! LOL! The First Quilt Is for My Oldest Grandaughter Ariell, I have A Lot already Quilted on it,but really need to get it done,and here is one of the Quilt Tops I have Made for My Oldest Grandson Sam,Luke 's his Brother's is made the same way only his is trimed in Green with a red inner Border.Sometimes I think I just have too, Many Irons in The Fire and need to finish My Grandchildren's Quilts while I can still see!My Middle daughter Just Challenged me To find My Children's Story About Kadi And Cody Rabbit,and Re illustrate and re write it then submit it!Hmmm We will see!The original got A Little Ripped!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Journal Pages for A PAT swap!

Journal pages for Cathy Parmelee, finally I am joining some swaps,but now that I am it will be time for thinking about Ron's next hip surgery. He missed his appointment because they couldn't even get the Highway open. We were snowed in for 4 days with 3 of our Grandsons. we are waiting to hear from the VA when they will reschedule his appointment,

The top 2 here are for Corrie's for a journal page swap.The 2 bottoms ones are for Karin. This was for a PAT or pick A Theme swap. I love doing Zetti so that is what I chose as my return Theme and the style I chose to do their's in. Corrie's Theme is It's been A Crazy Day,and Karin's is Polka Dots in Red and White!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow am I behind!

Matt Dillion And Festus!
Boy I am so far behind with my blogging!Sorry it is just harder to come upstairs when it's colder up here and I was so sick!I was just getting over something( I think it was the Whooping cough,my Niece had it)Then right after Thanksgiving I got Hit with The H1N1! Boy was I miserable,I was hoping for a gun for Christmas so somebody could just shoot me!Congestion,chills and fever,body aches,I seemed to have it all!I am doing better but still have coughing spells!I just want my lungs better again. Ok with my Asthma that won't happen during the cold winter!
We managed to get some Chicken Noodle soup and Chile soup made for Christmas eve and take it in town to our Oldest daughter's place,feed everyone,have our Gift exchange,then rush home through the blowing snow. There was little and no visability at times,Our youngest daughter kadi and her Boyfriend followed us home and was Snowed in with us on Christmas Day. We played on our new Wii and Wii fit and played on the computers until our Broadband went down. We had Our Turkey for Supper,as we all slept in.Two days later They managed to get out,pick up his kids and go back home. I have only been out New Years Eve as we had a Gig. I am trying to avoid the cold air that's just starts my coughing again!I am working on journal pages so will post them soon!
I hope You all had A Wonderful Christmas And A Happy New Year!