Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow am I behind!

Matt Dillion And Festus!
Boy I am so far behind with my blogging!Sorry it is just harder to come upstairs when it's colder up here and I was so sick!I was just getting over something( I think it was the Whooping cough,my Niece had it)Then right after Thanksgiving I got Hit with The H1N1! Boy was I miserable,I was hoping for a gun for Christmas so somebody could just shoot me!Congestion,chills and fever,body aches,I seemed to have it all!I am doing better but still have coughing spells!I just want my lungs better again. Ok with my Asthma that won't happen during the cold winter!
We managed to get some Chicken Noodle soup and Chile soup made for Christmas eve and take it in town to our Oldest daughter's place,feed everyone,have our Gift exchange,then rush home through the blowing snow. There was little and no visability at times,Our youngest daughter kadi and her Boyfriend followed us home and was Snowed in with us on Christmas Day. We played on our new Wii and Wii fit and played on the computers until our Broadband went down. We had Our Turkey for Supper,as we all slept in.Two days later They managed to get out,pick up his kids and go back home. I have only been out New Years Eve as we had a Gig. I am trying to avoid the cold air that's just starts my coughing again!I am working on journal pages so will post them soon!
I hope You all had A Wonderful Christmas And A Happy New Year!


Terri Kahrs said...

You poor baby! You've certainly had a tough time these last few months! Hope that 2010 brings LOTS of good health. Hugs, Terri

roc said...

oh wow's terrible to be so sick. i hope you are 100 per cent really soon!