Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Year Older!

This is what My wonderful Cousin and best friend Vicki C gave me for A birthday gift!It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry!She also came to our Karaoke Gig in the town where she lives,we had about 25 Family and friends come over and were there to help me Celebrate my Birthday!How old am I ?"Not too,old to still have fun" I say!We are having A get together at Debs march 3rd,that was a fast one,I guess it was what worked out for everybody,me I can go almost any day,I am free and easy!LOL!Steph has to support her Art habit and work.LOL,so we work around her work,Jessica's school and Miss Vicki's many assingments,teachings and all that she does!What A whirlwind she is,always on the go!Well I had A Happy Birthday and am having fun playing with my new Cricut Expression from my Hubby!Yes I am well Loved!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's About Time!

Here are my photo's of the goodies everybody shared when we had our get together.Starting with The heart glass full of candies amoung other things, My beautiful Bloodstone necklace and home made star box from Jessica.I love it!

I also got a vase with beautiful homade button flowers and 2 fantastic ATC's from Stephanie

Deb shared some fun goodies,that I can't wait to use.

And Vic shared some beautiful pink ribbons tape runners,pink brads,etc. pink tag and flowers to decorate it!Very pretty goodies.I love the antique Valentines she Shared with us!This is mine!IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GOODIES ,THOUGH THEY ARE FUN TO SHARE.IT IS ABOUT THE GOOD TIME WE HAVE WHEN WE GET TOGETHER!Yes it is always A fun time and I always learn from everybody and their Art.I just wanted to share these photo's as the batteries in my camera went dead before I could take more then a couple of Photo's and then I lost my internet ,we had to get A new Router,but I am back on line now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Feb. get together with the "Artsy Friends"

Kadi's project that I will have to finish. Steph's finished project,Jessica's Bloodstone necklaces.My atc's for the girls, and Jessica work in progress!

Yesterday was A Super fun get together with Vicki, Deb,Steph,Jessica and My youngest daughter Kadi!Jessica brought us all these beautiful Bloodstone Necklaces!They are so gorgeous!Thanks Jessica! All the other girls brought art goodies,but I will add them to my next post as my camera batteries went dead!Thanks to Deb and Vicki for sharing their photo's for me to use!I was busy trying to host so I am glad I did one ahead of time!I just enjoyed the visiting! Ron made Banana cake and baked a frozen roll of my Mother's date cookies. Vicki brought along some heart shaped brownies!YUM! Ron and I made everyone Mudslides,too!You blend vanilla ice cream like a milk shake and add a half shot of both Bailey's and Kaluaha!It should serve 2 people,so it's not strong you can't really taste the alcohol,so you can make it stronger if you perfer,but we kept it mild! Oh I made everyone some Valentine Atc's above and Step made some i will post when my camera is ready!

My Feb. Get together with The "Artsy Friends" continued!

Miss Jessica and her finished project!
Deb's finished project!

Miss Vicki's finished project!

Wow!give it up for these talented bunch of Ladies!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Journal pages

This is the front of Roc's journal page! I hope she likes them,I am glad to be done so I can concentrate on our get together.This page I had no idea what to do,then just started finding images and laying them out!This new paper is so cool,and i added elments of my own,too!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Working On Feb. Journal pages!

This is for A journal page swap.We are supposed to do at least one A month.This one is acctually the back of Roc's pages!I hope she likes it!we have A fun story line game where everybody can add 5 words!This little theme is taken from the story!Yes we tend to get just A wee bit naughty sometimes!(OK that was A laugh,No wee bit about it)Now to decide want I what I am going to do to the other page!

I forgot to cut my paper down the first time so I have one for myself only A larger version!There is a few little differences,too.
The girls body and the man are courtsy of the flickr friends!