Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's About Time!

Here are my photo's of the goodies everybody shared when we had our get together.Starting with The heart glass full of candies amoung other things, My beautiful Bloodstone necklace and home made star box from Jessica.I love it!

I also got a vase with beautiful homade button flowers and 2 fantastic ATC's from Stephanie

Deb shared some fun goodies,that I can't wait to use.

And Vic shared some beautiful pink ribbons tape runners,pink brads,etc. pink tag and flowers to decorate it!Very pretty goodies.I love the antique Valentines she Shared with us!This is mine!IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GOODIES ,THOUGH THEY ARE FUN TO SHARE.IT IS ABOUT THE GOOD TIME WE HAVE WHEN WE GET TOGETHER!Yes it is always A fun time and I always learn from everybody and their Art.I just wanted to share these photo's as the batteries in my camera went dead before I could take more then a couple of Photo's and then I lost my internet ,we had to get A new Router,but I am back on line now.

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roc said...

you got a lot of great things! how fun!