Monday, February 2, 2009

Working On Feb. Journal pages!

This is for A journal page swap.We are supposed to do at least one A month.This one is acctually the back of Roc's pages!I hope she likes it!we have A fun story line game where everybody can add 5 words!This little theme is taken from the story!Yes we tend to get just A wee bit naughty sometimes!(OK that was A laugh,No wee bit about it)Now to decide want I what I am going to do to the other page!

I forgot to cut my paper down the first time so I have one for myself only A larger version!There is a few little differences,too.
The girls body and the man are courtsy of the flickr friends!

1 comment:

roc said...

wonderful job on these pages. this one just made me giggle right out loud! i think you've captured the true essence of who i am!!