Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Year Older!

This is what My wonderful Cousin and best friend Vicki C gave me for A birthday gift!It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry!She also came to our Karaoke Gig in the town where she lives,we had about 25 Family and friends come over and were there to help me Celebrate my Birthday!How old am I ?"Not too,old to still have fun" I say!We are having A get together at Debs march 3rd,that was a fast one,I guess it was what worked out for everybody,me I can go almost any day,I am free and easy!LOL!Steph has to support her Art habit and work.LOL,so we work around her work,Jessica's school and Miss Vicki's many assingments,teachings and all that she does!What A whirlwind she is,always on the go!Well I had A Happy Birthday and am having fun playing with my new Cricut Expression from my Hubby!Yes I am well Loved!


roc said...

that is beautiful!

katie said...

Sounds as tho you have a great birthday. Your art gift is great, love the rose.
Today is my 30th and last radiation treatment. My dear girlfriend who has gone with me to almost every treatment is going out to dinner with me after the last one. I am now a cancer survivor. Keep up the great art.

katie chinanannie

Vicki C said...

Glad you liked the gift. It was so nice to celebrate with you and the family!

LISA B said...

I love that gift with the rose! Hugs, honey! mwuaah!