Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Feb. get together with the "Artsy Friends"

Kadi's project that I will have to finish. Steph's finished project,Jessica's Bloodstone necklaces.My atc's for the girls, and Jessica work in progress!

Yesterday was A Super fun get together with Vicki, Deb,Steph,Jessica and My youngest daughter Kadi!Jessica brought us all these beautiful Bloodstone Necklaces!They are so gorgeous!Thanks Jessica! All the other girls brought art goodies,but I will add them to my next post as my camera batteries went dead!Thanks to Deb and Vicki for sharing their photo's for me to use!I was busy trying to host so I am glad I did one ahead of time!I just enjoyed the visiting! Ron made Banana cake and baked a frozen roll of my Mother's date cookies. Vicki brought along some heart shaped brownies!YUM! Ron and I made everyone Mudslides,too!You blend vanilla ice cream like a milk shake and add a half shot of both Bailey's and Kaluaha!It should serve 2 people,so it's not strong you can't really taste the alcohol,so you can make it stronger if you perfer,but we kept it mild! Oh I made everyone some Valentine Atc's above and Step made some i will post when my camera is ready!


kadi said...

Damn, mine looks so good and damn i am so cute... lol

Deb S. said...

it was such a fun time paula! kadi,yours does look so good!!