Monday, September 29, 2008

Antique Calendar Finds

These are just a few of the old Calendar Pics and other picsI bought at an auction!They are gorgeous!Well Sunday was A busy day!We took my parents out for Supper for their 59th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately we had to drop them off and not stay and visit when we were done!Cody our youngest son was in an emotional state!He watched an accident happen in front of his family! A car started swerving as it was coming at them then he thought it turned in a drive way,but saw a tree shake. They had run in the ditch. He thought they were only going about 10 miles an hour when they hit!He jumped out and went down there. The girlfriend was unhurt but screaming!He calmed her down and got her out. He crawled in and the guy wasn't breathing. He got him to breathe but was not in a good position for cpr. He was pretty sure he had no neck or head injury as they hit slowly,so he laid him out on the ground as his wife called 911. A CNA and another guy asked if he needed help.He said he needed someone to do cpr. She took over but didn't do cpr just called 911 again.He felt him die in his arms,as the rescue squad arrived,but was hoping they got him revived in the ambulence.He went to the hospital but the family said he had an enlarged heart and didn't make it. He was only 18 years old!They family called Cody and thanked him for trying to help!They said he was moving here as he loved all the friendly people here and Cody just proved him right!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prince Of Spools

This is my little Prince of Spools!There is a story behind these Spools on a string! My Grandma always had them in the toybox as My kids were growing up!After she passed away my Mom put them on a Garage sale and sold them. About a month ago my daughter wanted to hit a few garage sales,even though I haven't been to one in a couple of years I jumped at the opportunity! I found a whole box of spools for $. 50. I got them home and pulled my grandma's spools on a string out!I used to tease her about all the nice wooden spools and one new ugly white foam one she added,that's how I know these were hers!I am sure it was Grandmas way of saying she hasn't forgotten us!Bubby thought he was so cute with these on his head!Of course he was!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

More Cupcake Art

Ok so I finally started to feel a little more like my sassy self and actually got into this little drawing I did ,then I trasfered it to paper art!It was inspired by a friend that got me into cupcake Art!Yeah you Roc!Maybe when things slow down and I am not canning and working every weekend I will get creative again!Ok I confess that I have been more into my pencil drawings as I can take them with me to work on at karaoke!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cupcake Cards

I added another photo of the Birds nest at a little higher angle. Well Thursday at Vic's we just had a layed back day and worked on our own thing!I worked on a Cupcake birthday card for her!Yes it getting close to her Birthday!!!I went shopping for her some Birthday Goodies,which I hope she doesn't already have,but the best things I know she will love is the old lace and things I shared from my stash!I admit I am A rat packer from way back!I collected dolls so I went to auctions and picked up old Material and laces!The tatted doiley under the cupcake is from some of that stash!here is the 3 cards I made up so far. The Thank you and Yellow toped one are not done inside yet and I will decide what wording to add as I need it!It was mostly an experiment to see how they would turn out! I would love to make them into A Quilt block design also!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art accomplished!

Would you believe I actually got some art done today? I was working on altering this little cigarette box,and finally got it done. I think I better take a better angle so the little nest and eggs show better. Well I am looking forward to visiting with Vic tomorrow and have some garden veggies to share with her along with some apple Jelly ,sauce and canned apples!I hope she enjoys them. This is a picture of our" Billy the Kid" I think he is ready to" draw".LOL!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shopping day!

Today was a run to Omaha to get some Groceries day.It was also a stop at Hobby Lobby day,Too! I didn't find what I was looking for,but that never seems to stop me from finding something!Sam's club and Target were the other stores we went to! Ron built me a shelf for my Room,but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet!I am in the process of getting the shelves filled,I definetly need to downsize some junk in here clean,and rearrange soon!

Well since my get together got moved back to Oct.3rd,I am going to one of my favorite cousins house to play!Maybe I will actually get some art done!I am in such a creative slump right now.This is one of my favorite pic's of her,so sweet.Yeah she's grown up, but she hasn't changed much from that sweet inocent little girl she was!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy Autum

What a busy time!We have been canning more apples,tomatos,and I even canned 1 pint of rhubarb sauce.I had to plant some new rhubarb stalks this spring and only 1 grew,so it will be a few years before I get a good bunch to can.We had our Bubby for an overnighter Thursday night.His new thing is to give you the "LOOK".He squints his eyes and twists his mouth!He sure did enjoy Grandma's apple sauce!We had Karaoke last night and 2 Weddings tonight.Our Grandson Sam is doing his first Wedding.It is for My daughter(KORI's) husband's nephew!Me I begged off tonight!I hate setting there for 8 hours at a wedding!!! Since Art is taking a backseat right now I posted these Pictures I took of one of the oldest standing gas stations that I have ever seen.This is in St. Charles South Dakota,close to my home town.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Two days of putting up with this Silly little boy is exhausting!We love his antics, he will do anything to make you laugh!His big words this time was Thank You! and ByeIloveyou,all in one breath! He is Grandpa and Grandma's heart!We all adore him around here!No really we don't spoil him!!!! Since we canned this week anyway, Here we have Canned Bubby (William)!Of course his parents cringe everytime we call him Bubby,but they have excepted it by now!lol!
Well of course no Art has been produced while he was here, so I have none to show right now,he is my Art!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WHEW! What A Busy Day

My Mom And Dad pictured above,came out today and we all canned Apples!We all took turns peeling,and slicing the apples,but the guys handled most of that when Mom and I started making the mixture of water,sugar,cornstarch,cinnamon,and nutmeg,after it is boiled and you add yellow food coloring and lemon juice, then pour into sliced apple-packed quart jars,then you give them a 20 min. hot water bath!When you use them they are all ready to put into the pie crust for apple pie!You don't have to add anything else!We canned 26 1/2 quartsWe also boiled the peelings and juiced the leftover apples we had sliced , We strained the peelings and added the juice and made 9 pints of Apple Jelly,and I used the leftover pulp from the juicer addded a little apple juice and water and made 2 1/2 pint of applesauce!YUM, the sauce and jelly taste so good!
We canned Tomatos the other day and have 15 quart so far!Is there anything prettier then fresh canned Tomatos,or fruit?We have more Tomatos to can sometime this week!
Well we are both exhausted and I bet Mom and dad are too,! Early to bed tonight I bet!LOL!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning Glories

I love these little Morning Glories and how they climb, but they do try to take over everything . I guess I will have to save some and plant them somewhere else.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of canning apples and juice.We also picked more tomatos today and will have to can them Wednesday or Thursday!I don't suppose I will have much time to do anything else!