Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art accomplished!

Would you believe I actually got some art done today? I was working on altering this little cigarette box,and finally got it done. I think I better take a better angle so the little nest and eggs show better. Well I am looking forward to visiting with Vic tomorrow and have some garden veggies to share with her along with some apple Jelly ,sauce and canned apples!I hope she enjoys them. This is a picture of our" Billy the Kid" I think he is ready to" draw".LOL!


Vicki C said...

Oh... Bubby is SOOOOO cute in that photo! Where was this when I was needing cowboy photos??? Cant wait for you to get here!

Vicki C said...

OH... I was so rattled by the shocking photo below..that I forgot to comment on your projects. Totally Beautiful! Hope you bring them today, so I can see them in person.

Sharon in NE said...

Paula, I love these. From a cigarette box to this...nice job!