Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WHEW! What A Busy Day

My Mom And Dad pictured above,came out today and we all canned Apples!We all took turns peeling,and slicing the apples,but the guys handled most of that when Mom and I started making the mixture of water,sugar,cornstarch,cinnamon,and nutmeg,after it is boiled and you add yellow food coloring and lemon juice, then pour into sliced apple-packed quart jars,then you give them a 20 min. hot water bath!When you use them they are all ready to put into the pie crust for apple pie!You don't have to add anything else!We canned 26 1/2 quartsWe also boiled the peelings and juiced the leftover apples we had sliced , We strained the peelings and added the juice and made 9 pints of Apple Jelly,and I used the leftover pulp from the juicer addded a little apple juice and water and made 2 1/2 pint of applesauce!YUM, the sauce and jelly taste so good!
We canned Tomatos the other day and have 15 quart so far!Is there anything prettier then fresh canned Tomatos,or fruit?We have more Tomatos to can sometime this week!
Well we are both exhausted and I bet Mom and dad are too,! Early to bed tonight I bet!LOL!


roc said...

i use to love to can. i haven't done it in years and this year i drug all my stuff out to make some things and i've yet to boil a jar! your stuff looks amazing.

Vicki C said...

Oh.. you are making me miss my Canning days! ( a little anyway) lol It is ALOT of work..but boy will it taste good this winter! Everything looks so good! The tomatoes you brought over here were just delishious! Love that photo of your folks!

kadi said...

hmmm i wouldnt leave home cuz i will come and take some when ur not looking. hehe i already did.