Friday, September 26, 2008

More Cupcake Art

Ok so I finally started to feel a little more like my sassy self and actually got into this little drawing I did ,then I trasfered it to paper art!It was inspired by a friend that got me into cupcake Art!Yeah you Roc!Maybe when things slow down and I am not canning and working every weekend I will get creative again!Ok I confess that I have been more into my pencil drawings as I can take them with me to work on at karaoke!


Vicki C said...

This turned out darling Paula!

Sharon in NE said...

Your family has some crazy creative imagination gene and I wish I could get some of it. Just like your cousin, I love how you're able to express your creativity. I'm seriously jealous.

kadi said...

Mom if i am what i eat, do u know what that makes me? hehe, ur welcome.