Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shopping day!

Today was a run to Omaha to get some Groceries day.It was also a stop at Hobby Lobby day,Too! I didn't find what I was looking for,but that never seems to stop me from finding something!Sam's club and Target were the other stores we went to! Ron built me a shelf for my Room,but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet!I am in the process of getting the shelves filled,I definetly need to downsize some junk in here clean,and rearrange soon!

Well since my get together got moved back to Oct.3rd,I am going to one of my favorite cousins house to play!Maybe I will actually get some art done!I am in such a creative slump right now.This is one of my favorite pic's of her,so sweet.Yeah she's grown up, but she hasn't changed much from that sweet inocent little girl she was!


Vicki C said...

HOLY CRAP!... You would laughed your head off if you had been here to see the reaction on my face when I scrolled down and saw THAT!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. What a nerdy kid I was (still am) lol
That was a bit much for me to deal with before I've even had my first diet dew of the day.

kadi said...

aunt vicki is so cute.

Sharon in NE said...

I would recognize that sweet face anywhere.