Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who stole The cookie from The cookie Jar?

Well isn't it obvious!Yes William stole the cookie,it is written all over that guilty chocolate face!I was taking William in to wash the cookie off his face and told him to look at that messy face,He cracked me up and I just had to get the camera!He was having fun trying to kiss himself in the mirror!Grandpa was gone and we had to get rid of the evidence,since it was Grandpa's cookies!lol!What fun he is,his parents hate when we call him Bubby and don't want us to call him Billy so his new Nick name is Billybub! Every time I called him Billybub he gave me a high five!He does have that Bendig sense of Humor!lol!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stuart's Journal pages

I decided to make a little more manly pages for Stuart,one of 2 men in our Art
group.He is from the UK and has a fantastic sence of Humor!Here they are Stuart!I hope you like them!
Tomorrow is Our Grandsons Sam's Graduation and Sunday Mother's Day so we are making food and trying to get ready,plus my dear Hubby accidently scheduled a wedding for tomorrow night,so he will have to miss the after graduation party,Our Grandson Neil is going to help him so I can go to the party!Thank You Neil!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Journal pages for Tanya Mac

I decided to do a couple of fun Zetti type pages for Tanya.I think she is the one who made the stars and sent me them in our goodie swap bags!If I am not mistaken.I am working on A friend Stuart's journal page ,so I have been busy!I am trying to do some ahead as this summer is so busy and Ron is scheduled to get his hips replaced again in the last part of August.Not fun and he will be laid up for awhile!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Journal pages

I have another set of my Journal pages done,the second one is actually the front page,I did a lot of rub on flowers and other cut out flowers to build it up!The back page was just a fun and funky one!