Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newest Journal Prompt page and the back!

 I did the back of the prompt Journal page about Kadi our youngest daughter,she used to walk outside and hold her finger up,for the Butterflies to land on!To our surprise she would walk in the house and show us all a Butterfly perched there ,then walk back outside where it would fly away!The Butterflies loved her! The Journal Prompt page was to add 3 words that described us,ok so tenacious was just too,long to write in this circle!lol!Hope you like my new style!This one was all hand drawn with no images.The Butterfly page I combined found images and my own drawing!Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer's almost gone!

Wow summer is almost gone!I haven't got as much done as I wanted to.Sometimes a little time off is a good thing,maybe my creativity will return
What did they do to our blog? I find it difficult to use it ,I hate changes!Anyway this is some line art I did when I couldn't sleep,it was just a fun Original drawing.Now i have to decide how to add color?I May try watercolor,acrylics or copic,maybe try a few different mediums.thanks for looking and comments are welcome!