Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jack Of All Trades!

Just to Prove I really am Multi-talented and Artistic! LOL! The First Quilt Is for My Oldest Grandaughter Ariell, I have A Lot already Quilted on it,but really need to get it done,and here is one of the Quilt Tops I have Made for My Oldest Grandson Sam,Luke 's his Brother's is made the same way only his is trimed in Green with a red inner Border.Sometimes I think I just have too, Many Irons in The Fire and need to finish My Grandchildren's Quilts while I can still see!My Middle daughter Just Challenged me To find My Children's Story About Kadi And Cody Rabbit,and Re illustrate and re write it then submit it!Hmmm We will see!The original got A Little Ripped!

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Cathy said...

great quilts! i used to quilt.... it's an ambitious craft, for sure. you are so busy and multi-talented!