Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry This is are only chance to get a mini vacation in . We have a family re-union the 5th and we might take a couple of days and go out to Colorado and see some sights!Ron can't do a lot of walking so we will mostly take the scenic route and drive!Mom and Dad are going along.Lets just hope we don't all kill each other before we get back!lol! Seriously I wanted a little fun before being house bound with Ron during his recovery!By the time one hip gets recovered it will be time for the other,so it will be a long slow fall and winter!


Terri Kahrs said...

Have a fabulous mini-vacation! Am hoping I won't be hearing about your trip on CNN! Hugs, Terri

roc said...

have a wonderful vacation paula! i hope you all come back in one piece!!

Janny said...

I hope you ha a great vacation .
Please look at my Blog I have something for you there;o)