Monday, August 17, 2009

Been awhile!

Last Christmas Mom and I started to work on A scrabble tile necklace for My Great niece Kayla,we finished it and Mom took it to her a while back,this shows the front and back Of Kayla's and the Necklace I made from a scrabble tile swap i did on an atc's site I belonged to. I still have three left and plan on doing a blue,green theme with them. These are fun because you can add trinkets of all kind to them as you go!
Well we are less the 2 days away from Ron's surgery,so if it takes me awhile to find time to blog don't be surprised!It all depends on how badly I need to get some time away from him and how crabby he gets!lol!He was feeling good today even though he can't take any painkillers or tylenol until aftewards now.Don't worry my whip is always close!lol!If you feel inclined to say A prayer for him I would be grateful! our 2 youngest Kadi and Cody are taking off from work for the surgery ,so now Mom and Dad won't have to spend all that time setting around with me!I will be glad of the company!Thanks for checking in on my blog!


Terri Kahrs said...

Prayers are being said! Sending hugs and blessings too. xoxo

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Prayers for Ron, lots of them! And lots of hugs too.

Blogs will be here when you get back and darn tootin ready to blog, but let us know how things are going.

Your bracelet is charming! It's beautiful! I want one! Make more! Sell them! Sell one to me!

roc said...

love that scrabble tile artwork! what a good idea! i'll be thinking of you and your hub. i know you both must be nervous. you will be on my prayer list for sure! please let me know if you need anything or if i can do anything for you!

Deb said...

Sending prayers of healing to you and you husband today.

What a great gift idea you've made. I have to say that one of the tiles was created by me(the Buddha face)from that swap. I wondered who got that one. And now it's going on and gifted to a special person. How cool is that?!

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