Monday, December 1, 2008

Back And Feeling Better!

Well I finally got my Crow journal pages done and sent out!It is my first journal page swap!Trying to figure out what I wanted my Crows to be doing then draw them all was time consuming!Thank Goodness for the Nights at Karaoke when I have nothing else to do!I had these mostly done before I got so darn sick! I coughed so hard my lungs were bruised!Awful!
I must say I am Thankful for A wonderful husband who cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 26 people,when we only expected 16!LOL! our darling Kadi invited a friend and A co-worker,who came with A husband and 2 boys!Bless our children for knowing our family policy that nobody should go without good food and friends especially on A Holiday!We also didn't expect Kori and her family!They also had a spare!Brandon actually didn't have his 3 spare boys this time!Tracey had to Work ,but all the rest of the family was here!I am also Thankful that I started feeling a little better Wed. night and got some cleaning done and was able to help some on Thursday! We also celebrated Cody's Birthday as he dj-ed A wedding his Birthday night the 29th!We had William overnight while they worked!We so love that little ham!He makes us laugh so hard!


Vicki C said...

Oh.. it was great talking to you!! I love these and can certainly see with all the detail that they WERE time consuming! The end results are fantastic!

Vicki C said...

I gave you an award on my blog today. Check it out.