Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get together is near!

Wow!It has been A busy couple of weeks!We had William Tue-Wed.and the Thur.-Fri. before that!He takes A big chunk of our time!As he has constant attention!Unfortunately this blog is the first to get neglected!LOL!
I am having another get together for Vic,Steph,Jessica and Deb.How lucky I am to know all these sweet talented ladies!I went to dollar tree and found some fun goodies for valentines day and these blank plaques to alter!I also found some oval ones!I altered this one Quickly last night so I could show the gals what I had in mind to work on at our get together!We are pretty laid back and sometimes we do the same things and sometimes work on something else!I just like to have some options!Jessica is such A talented artist we never know what she will come up with!Usually something she drew,woodburned or painted.I think I will have to hire these talented ladies to decorate my house as their's are all so cute!Me I have had to live crowded with a houseful of lovable slobs,and Ron and me both Ratpackers,haven't had a lot of time to redo my house yet!Hopefully that will get worked on soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Junk Mail chunkys

An art friend asked me to join A junk mail chunky swap,and I said I would give it A try!Some of this slick paper is not fun to work with,but otherwise it was kind of fun!I think it helped me find A little creativity that I haven't been feeling for A few days!Some of these great faces are from A good old Days magazine advertisment,the others I got from A Birthday Express mail catalog.I tried to use everything junk mail including the backgrounds.I also used A little newspaper and old used envelopes and stamps!I also used markers , sharpies and gel pens.Now if I could just find some fantastic glue that sticks,don't pull when it dries and isn't too messy I will be so happy!

Junk Mail Chunkys

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Journal pages

These are my latest journal pages for Jennalee! I tried to make them bright and colorful as she seem to like that!Whoops looks like my second page was scanned a little crooked!Well they were fun to make,but some of the other artist I am trading with are so awesome!It makes me feel so humble and inexperienced!I haven't been trading or making journal pages long and am still pretty green in this area!Most of us have simular but yet our own style!They are all A fun and nice bunch of Artist!

Button Fairies!

These are all the Button Fairies I did for A swap!I had already done one of William which I kept,so I shared this last one of him!These are fun to make and go pretty quick.Last night we had to work,so we called our Daughter Kori to wish her A Happy Birthday!Her 35th,My where does the time go?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just A few Christmas Eve Pic's. Grandpa About to recieve A kiss from William.Mom and Tammy fighting over the liquior bottle,some of the family and friends that were there,the Grandkids and Kadi all huddled on the floor,and William with his Mom and Dad,Tammy and Cody.
We had to work New Years Eve so Today was just A sleep in and recover day!Hopefully I will get back to making Art after this weekend.William is coming to stay this whole weekend as we aren't working!I may need A few days to recover from keeping up with him!LOL!