Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Aftermath!

Howdy From Dry Gulch Colorado,As you can see Mom And I might have to make that our new address for awhile! I was holding that Rock up fine until Ron insisted he and Dad could do it better! I refrained from taking pictures of that disaster,Ok so maybe Mom and i pushed the Rock a little from the other side!Dad fared better,but that didn't keep Mom from nailing that coffin shut anyway.Ron as you can see croaked from that falling rock.Mom and I couldn't get our stories straight so that old Sherrif put us in the slammer!They burried Dad and Ron in the new cemetary in Dry Gulch!

Seriously we all came out in one piece and had a good time,Mostly it was me getting out and taking pics,while everyone else stayed in the car in the shade!
I was so suprised to recieve this award from Janney,who is a wonderful mixed media arstist ,I have to pick up 7 Blogs who are special to 7 awards for7 things or facts about myself!1) I am adddicted to Mt. Dew 2) I love to travel and see new things,but I am also a homebody
.3)Ilove to stay up all night when it is Quiet to do my art.4) I like to do so many things sometimes it is hard to choose if I want to paint,sew,read,swim,or just play computer games.
5)I am glad that after 38 years of marriage we are finally alone.All our kids and grandkids live close enough that seeing them is no problem.
!6)My parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and I hope we can make it that long .

7)I want to attend a watercolor class!

I get to pick 7 talented Artist for this award!

Well these are just a few of the artist ,whose work I love,Wish I could pick some more,but you can only pick 7.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry This is are only chance to get a mini vacation in . We have a family re-union the 5th and we might take a couple of days and go out to Colorado and see some sights!Ron can't do a lot of walking so we will mostly take the scenic route and drive!Mom and Dad are going along.Lets just hope we don't all kill each other before we get back!lol! Seriously I wanted a little fun before being house bound with Ron during his recovery!By the time one hip gets recovered it will be time for the other,so it will be a long slow fall and winter!