Monday, March 7, 2011

New Background By Itkupilli

                                                             Well as you can see I put a new Background and header on my Blog,It had been awhile so i had to figure out how to do it all over again,Lol!
Something has changed here and I am trying to work around it!We were supposed to do A Prompt Journal page or spread this Month on What we Believe.I decided to use it for a drawn version of Me when I was 17 also.Sometimes i like to try something different and this was it!I am thinking about adding my family  and writing something kind about each one,some of their strength's.This is for my self and not for the prompt.The Zetti page is the one I will submit for the Prompt Journal page,Zetti is always fun and relaxing to do!Just get a page or cardboard,put fun ,bright papers around it and start putting different body parts or images together,or make your own!It is not hard at all!Oh and add doodles if you wish!

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roc said...

love both of those journal pages! i always enjoy seeing your hand drawn art paula. it's so cool!