Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Spring!

                                                     I am sorry ,It has been awhile since I posted!.Yes i am still doing some Zetti pages,but want to finish my album,before I start posting,just have three sides left!

I saw this gray work on U-tube and wanted to try it!It is something easy to carry with you ,to work on when you have those Doc.Appt.ect!These were fun,you start with a few swirls and find a saying,poem or what you want to write,use a pencil,then go over it with a light shade of warm gray,using a darker warm gray to shade and some black!It looks really cool afterwards!try it!

Spring has been really busy as we had to sheet rock,mud and tape an old upstairs room,now all we need to do is sand and paint it!Saving that for a rainy day. We still need to finish putting in the Garden as we have had too,many rainy days here!days!lol!We also Welcome A New Great Granddaughter,Miley Jane,she is in Texas,so we haven't had any contact yet!We are hoping her Mother  will come back here so our grandson can see his daughter!Everything is in limbo right now,and we don't know if she will take off again!

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roc said...

oh..i hope you get to see your great granddaughter soon!