Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold and Rainy

It has been either cold or Rainy ,or both ,here this week! I guess we kind of skipped Fall and Winter is right around the corner!
I did these three fun Bookmarkers for A bookmarker Swap on my Flickr group!
The Postcard is just A fun One I did for A one on one trade!
We missed our Bubby this week,with the roads so muddy and it being cold we decided to wait and hopefully we can get him overnight soon!My parents picked up A spring horse at An auction along with A folding step stool Mom wanted!It cost her A whole $2.oo for them both,so I guess he will have some good old Cowboy fun at Grandma's . I invited my Parents out yesterday and to stay for Supper!Ron made soup! It's a recipe we made up together. You make A rue and then we add cream, potatos,broccoli and ham!Boy is it rich and good!We also had ham sandwiches!I had to laugh when Mom went for seconds!Well anyway it was great to spend some time visiting with my parents as we have been so busy the last couple of years they have kind of been neglected!