Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Themed Postcard swap

A couple of halloween Postcards I made for a postcard swap at our mail art site! mailartworld .com Anyone can post mail art for review it is a judged site,but they are not too, harsh! The spool story was a little freaky,but The story about the accident my son viewed is even freakier!The family wanted him to come to the viewing as the kid Greg's Parents wanted to meet and thank Cody!It turned out that the kids grandmother grew up next door to where we live,his relation owned our house before us and another lived across the road.His great uncle was our neighbor when we moved here and we knew them all!There is no coinsidences!


Vicki C said...

Okay..first of all... that is one amazing!
and then..those postcards are just darling!.. Your attention to detail always blows me away!
(saw I missed a call from you earlier.. I'll call you back tomorrow. I was so tired.. I went to bed really early.. some good it did me..cause is 1:30 now and I'm WIDE AWAKE!)

roc said...

these are wonderful! i just love love love your art!

jennalee said...

love your halloween posties.

Shirley said...
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