Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween is near!

I got a couple more Halloween postcards done!The haunted one I entered in The mail Art site contest,there are a lot of fantastic Artist so I won't win, but I entered for the fun of it!
We celebrated our Anniversary with 21 family members here, I didn't expect that many to show up!We had potato dill Soup( made with potatoes, hamburger,dill and water). we also had ham sandwiches,and for dessert Ron made Bannana cake,Apple Crunch,and homade Toffee ice cream,and Mom brought Brownies!We were all so full we were miserable!I am glad that is over with!
Today we have to can more tomatos that Kori (our 2nd daughter) doesn't have time to put up,and we are going to pick all our tomatos,wrap or set in the porch windows to ripen. We have had a little frost and I don't want to lose the rest!It will probably take us all day!LOL!Everything seems to take us all day anymore!I think they call it the Golden Years!Yeah right!

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Vicki C said...

OH my gosh.. you are coming up with some awesome stuff!!! I love these!