Thursday, October 30, 2008


Since tomorrow is Halloween,and we will be working,I thought I would share pics of William our sweet little charming Vampire!When anyone says give her or him the look!He squints his little eyes ,as you can see in these 2 pics!When we all laugh,we have made his day! How could you not love A face like that!

My Real Art Passion

Pencil is one of my favorite mediums when it comes to Art!I guess it is easy to haul anywhere and When I am at some wedding or Karaoke and don't know anyone, I draw!I like faces and just fun art.With pencil you can make all the details come to life .It is a great conversation starter and sooner or later somebody has to see what I am drawing!I still need a lot of practice,but am enjoying it as it is one of the most relaxing thing when you throw youself into it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold and Rainy

It has been either cold or Rainy ,or both ,here this week! I guess we kind of skipped Fall and Winter is right around the corner!
I did these three fun Bookmarkers for A bookmarker Swap on my Flickr group!
The Postcard is just A fun One I did for A one on one trade!
We missed our Bubby this week,with the roads so muddy and it being cold we decided to wait and hopefully we can get him overnight soon!My parents picked up A spring horse at An auction along with A folding step stool Mom wanted!It cost her A whole $2.oo for them both,so I guess he will have some good old Cowboy fun at Grandma's . I invited my Parents out yesterday and to stay for Supper!Ron made soup! It's a recipe we made up together. You make A rue and then we add cream, potatos,broccoli and ham!Boy is it rich and good!We also had ham sandwiches!I had to laugh when Mom went for seconds!Well anyway it was great to spend some time visiting with my parents as we have been so busy the last couple of years they have kind of been neglected!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Postcard Art!

I have been invited by a couple of Dear friends to join A Flickr Group,so I thought I better get some Art made to trade!These were so much fun! My Grandaughter Ariell turned 17 tonight,so we went to her Birthday Party! She is such A Sweet Girl! Our Oldest grandson Sam just got engaged to his Girlfriend Andrea, They are planning to wait until after College unless she gets shipped out overseas!She is in the Guards! They are both in their Senior year and Sam turns 18 in December!I hope they wait,but she is someone I would pick for him!LOL!She is so much like me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween is near!

I got a couple more Halloween postcards done!The haunted one I entered in The mail Art site contest,there are a lot of fantastic Artist so I won't win, but I entered for the fun of it!
We celebrated our Anniversary with 21 family members here, I didn't expect that many to show up!We had potato dill Soup( made with potatoes, hamburger,dill and water). we also had ham sandwiches,and for dessert Ron made Bannana cake,Apple Crunch,and homade Toffee ice cream,and Mom brought Brownies!We were all so full we were miserable!I am glad that is over with!
Today we have to can more tomatos that Kori (our 2nd daughter) doesn't have time to put up,and we are going to pick all our tomatos,wrap or set in the porch windows to ripen. We have had a little frost and I don't want to lose the rest!It will probably take us all day!LOL!Everything seems to take us all day anymore!I think they call it the Golden Years!Yeah right!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Catching up!

Well I am terrible at blogging everyday,so I have some catch up Art to show.We have been doing postcards on our Mailart site.These were just some fun Zetti types.
We canned more tomatos monday,and it was the second time this year that a hot jar full of tomatos exploded,this time before I even got the lid on. I was just scooting it over. It burned my stomach this time and I must confess it hurt!It was a good thing I had some Silver Nitrate ointment left from my son's acid burns.In all the years i,ve canned it never happened before and this year twice now!Canning season will be coming to an end here soon anyway!
I am trying to talk my husband Ron into taking me out Friday Night for our 38th Anniversary.We actually have the night off,
Or maybe a quiet little supper at home with just the 2 of us!We will have to see!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting together

I am a little behind on my blog!Sorry! my daughter's friend is sick in the Hospital with pneumonia and was not doing well and hates doctors and needles,so we have been up to see him a few times!
Friday I had a few of the girls over to do some art. Jessica and I went to art 1 college classes together.She kept saying you should meet my MOM!Well we have gotten together a few times and we all feel so at ease with each other already!Deb S too, but she was going to her Mom's that day and friday worked for everybody else, but me usually.Luckily we didn't get any last minute calls for Karaoke that day or I might have had to cancel!I sent some lace with Vic to to give to Deb also.We are not a neat bunch as you can see!lol! we had things spread everywhere. That 's the way we Artists like it!Steph is so productive,she had 2 done before I even finished one! Jessica added her own little hand drawn touches!She drew red ink trees on an orange background,It turned out gorgeous!

This is my finished file folder!They are easy, pretty quick and fun!I am going to put some of my antique pics in this!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Themed Postcard swap

A couple of halloween Postcards I made for a postcard swap at our mail art site! mailartworld .com Anyone can post mail art for review it is a judged site,but they are not too, harsh! The spool story was a little freaky,but The story about the accident my son viewed is even freakier!The family wanted him to come to the viewing as the kid Greg's Parents wanted to meet and thank Cody!It turned out that the kids grandmother grew up next door to where we live,his relation owned our house before us and another lived across the road.His great uncle was our neighbor when we moved here and we knew them all!There is no coinsidences!